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Blendtec – Kitchen Mill

Blendtec Kitchen Mill Review

OKAY, I admit it… this Blendtec Kitchen Mill is not a smoothie blender. Well, actually, it’s not even a blender!

So what is the point of putting this on a blender site? As a smoothie lover, i’m also a nature guy. I LOVE to create tasty and healthy food from natural raw stuff. Well, with this new Kitchen Mill I can now make my own flour! YES, this means A LOT to me.

Now I can make my own bread from whole grains, believe me this is nice. It’s not a tool that you absolutely need but has a gift to a close friend or simply for yourself, I think it is quite a clever idea.. ;) You can now use 100% of nature’s goodness to improve your health and nutrition. I really never thought I would make my own floor one day but now I do and I’m proud of it lol..

 Update november 29th 2011: I just bought another Kitchen Mill from Blendtec can you believe this?! Not because the first mill broke but because I bought one for my mom! Best gift for next Christmas ever! I’m thrilled simply because she saw mine 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it… I just could not resist. :)

Some good reasons to buy your own Kitchen Mill

  • Saving money : Mill your own flour and bake your own bread. Simply buy grain in bulk and make wonders. The Kitchen Mill will pay for itself EASILY.
  • Quality : Highest quality material (like any Blendtec products)
  • Will never jam of overheat
  • Does the same thing as the old stone mills minus the problems
  • Pernanently lubricated
  • 1000 Watt motor -Warranty 6 Years
  • Chamber and Pan: are Lifetime

Package Includes:

  • Motor base
  • Mill Pan
  • Cyclone Cup
  • 2 F-Filters
  • Owner’s Manual




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