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Best Of The Best Blender 2014 – All Budgets

Best Blender 2014 – For all Budgets!

Well here we are at the end of the year and so far this year has been a great year for many reasons. First we get this awesome Twister Jar from Blendtec that I did not see coming AT ALL. Then Ninja release some crazy blenders with their innovative Multiple Blade System that really does wonders believe me on this one.  Two of these products being the Ninja Blender NJ600 and the Ninja Master Prep BlenderLooking at the economy right now, I understand not everyone can afford an expensive blender. Many high-end blenders are not even worth half the price you may pay for them. So to clear things up, I have decided to make 3 major categroies. I will give the best blender for high budget,  best blender for mid budget and best blender for low budget. Ain’t I great? Yes indeed,  I have thought about everything.

1- Best blender – High Budget :

BLENDTEC TOTAL BLENDER COMBO (commercial use possible) This is the beast. The precious. The master of them all. If you are serious about blending and know you will use it often and for heavy duty jobs well this is the one you need to buy, no questions asked. If you want to see people in awe in front of you blender, this is the blender you need. Actually, money-wise, this is simply the best blender you can buy right now (like most products you will find on Blendtec’s website. Read my complete reviews right here: Blendtec Total Combo Blender. *3 payments term offered on site ;)

 2- Best blender – Medium Budget :

NINJA BLENDER NJ600 Best Blender - Ninja Blender NJ600 If you can’t afford the first one, don’t feel ashamed ! You know why? Because the Ninja Blender NJ600 is right there to the rescue. It will make MANY high-end blender companies feel bad for what they have done. This is simple the best blender you can get in this price range  and will probably be for the next year. The Multiple Blade System really does wonders. I suggest you buy from amazon since you get it at 22% off and you can get it shipped for free . Thank me later! ;)

 3- Best blender – Low Budget :

Ninja Master Prep Blender I’ll be honest, this is not the best blender if you are aimig for smoothies or frozen drinks because the ice or the frozen fruits might become hard on the entire unit after a while. It will not give you the best texture either. HOWEVER, if I could only keep one blender in my kitchen, I would choose the Ninja Master Prep Blender anyday. This blender is so useful that once you have one at hand in the kitchen you end up using it a lot more than the other ones. As a runner up, I would suggest the Magic Bullet . I have used one for many years and up till this day the engine is going strong and so far so good. Heavy duty products! Get my complete review here : Ninja Master Prep Blender Currently, you will get the lowest price for the Ninja Master Prep Blender right at Amazon (30% rebate).

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